We were started by South Philadelphia local, Mike Cardone. With his strong focus towards building client relationships and an everlasting bond with their pets, Mike and his team of enthusiasts are successfully providing the Philadelphia area with the highest quality dog walking, pet sitting, and cat care services. After becoming an extremely proud "dog dad" in 2009, Mike realized that he had a true talent for working with animals, especially dogs. He has done everything from dog walking, dog grooming, dog daycare management, pet adoption counselling, and has always spent much of his free time educating himself  further in dog behavior and socialization enrichment. 


   Mike decided to do this on his own and devoted more time on helping friends and family with their adorable pets in anyway they needed, which finally led to him becoming known as "The Dog Enthusiast." After he was tragically run over by a truck, he wasn't able to work for months and in that time, he knew he needed to do something more. Once he was able to walk again, he posted a hypothetical status on Facebook, asking who would be interested if he started a pet care company. After receiving so much positive feedback, Mike started building up a client list and everything took off from there.

   Before hiring any staff, Mike researched all of the local pet care company's in the area, to figure out what kind of incidents or safety issues other companies have dealt with. After finding out how many issues some of the local companies have had, he developed a very strict training and vetting process for our new staff members, and Mike hand picks and trains each team member himself. The safety of your pets is the number one priority, and our curriculum of strategic policies and protocols assures that your pets and homes will remain out of harms way. We don't just work with dogs, we understand them.

   Being a safe company and as incident-free as possible entails much more than just experience and good training - You need a reliable team! This is why we take care of our staff. Believe it or not, most pet care companies hire dog walkers off of the books or as 1099 independent contractors - but not us. Our team of pet care enthusiasts are all W2 employees! A happy crew means little to no turnover and makes us one of the most reliable, trustworthy and qualified pet care specialists in the Philadelphia area.

Mike Cardone

President & Founder


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